Binders full of men: Discrimination continues for ordinary women
Linda McQuaig

ATTN: Linda you said;

“Canadian women went from earning 64 per cent of what men earned in the 1960s to 72 per cent by the early 1990s.”

This information came from Statistics Canada; they compared the gross income of men and women and demonstrated the earning difference. I also looked at StatsCan study on hours worked; this research demonstrated that women worked an average of 35 hours per week where as a man worked 55 hours a week; so the real question is should a woman who works 35 hours have the right to the same annual income of a man who worked 55 hours???

But that is not why I am writing you; I want you to become interested in a story about the discrimination against men.

Here is the story line; the same StatsCan that demonstrated women being paid less released their 2011 study on domestic violence. This study demonstrated that 6.4% of women and 6.0% of men experienced domestic violence from their heterosexual partner; but there are 593 funded woman’s shelters, representing over 10,000 funded beds, but there is not a single government funded shelter for male victims, with or without children, of female perpetrated domestic violence.

Family of Men Support Society operates Canada’s on shelter for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence; we are NOT government funded.

Want do to a real story on discrimination; visit our web site and learn what real discrimination is about.



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