Woman Admits Making Antifreeze Smoothie

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Woman Admits Making Antifreeze Smoothie

By GEOFF MULVIHILL, Associated Press Writer

MOUNT HOLLY, N.J. – A woman who allegedly killed her brother-in-law
by spiking his smoothie with antifreeze admits putting the chemicals
in the drink, but only intended to make him sick enough so she could
take control of his money, her lawyer said Monday.

Maryann Neabor, an emergency medical technician, planned toplead not
guilty at a hearing later Monday to a murder charge in the poisoning
of Jonathan Neabor, her attorney, Craig Mitnick, told The Associated
Press. He said a more appropriate charge would be reckless

Neabor, 53, is accused of poisoning her husband’s brother Wednesday
at their home in Shamong Township. She allegedly concocted a drink
that included pineapple juice, maraschino cherries and antifreeze,
state police said.

Jonathan Neabor, 58, died at a hospital Friday.

Mitnick said Neabor only intended to hurt him severely enough so that
he would have to move into her family’s home so she could take
control of his finances and get out of bankruptcy.

Jonathan Neabor was a retired postal worker with no family of his
own. He had a postal service pension and a life insurance policy that
names his brother, Michael Neabor, as the sole beneficiary, Mitnick

Michael Neabor was not charged.

“How would anyone feel? This is a shock,” he told reporters Sunday

Mitnick did not specify how much money Michael Neabor stood to gain
from his brother’s death, but did say that Michael and Maryann Neabor
have not recovered financially since being granted bankruptcy
protection five years ago.

Maryann Neabor, who was in jail in lieu of $500,000 bail, taught
adult classes on keeping homes safe.

“With a little care, we can protect our families from the leading
causes of death and injury in the home, like falls, fire and
poisoning,” said a Web site description of one class.

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