Teacher charged with raping a minor

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Teacher charged with raping a minor


John Knicely,


NewsChannel 6


Monday, October 25, 2004


On Monday New Madrid County Sheriff’s Department charged 47 year old Susan Sharp with 4 felony counts involving high school boys.


Sharp is a teacher at New Madrid Central Middle School and the victims are students at New Madrid Central High School in Southeast Missouri.


That afternoon Sharp posted $25,000 bond for statutory rape, 2 counts of sodomy, and giving drugs to minors.


The mother of the 15 year old boy accusing Sharp of rape is upset that Sharp is already out of jail.


“He’s having a real hard time with this and we told him, ‘Son, she’s going to be arrested. She’s going to go to jail and not going to get out.’She was arrested (Monday) and she bonded out at $25,000,” she said.


The incidents came to light after the boy was admitted to a Southeast Missouri hospital for overdosing on prescription tranquilizer Xanex. The boy told investigators that Sharp provided him and his friends with alcohol and drugs.


“He got to this one point (giving a statement), and before he got any farther he told the investigator, ‘You have to go outside and ask my mom not to kill her, because I don’t want my mom in jail.’” the mother said.


She and the mother of another victim say the boys never had Sharp as a teacher. They say the incidents took place at Sharp’s home where the boys were visiting Sharp’s daughter who is their age.


New Madrid County School officials suspended Sharp on Sunday when they learned of the investigation. A school spokesman says the school board will determine Sharp’s future status by Wednesday

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