Hearing the male voice…

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MASH4077 on Global

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http://videomail.shaw.ca/view/11854915012-1199154578-79857/ This is a TV news spot on the MASH4077 shelter. A guest, Gary, is interviewed and expressing the need for more services for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence. Gary ended up living in his car and eventually in the streets because there was no support services for him, as a man.

Both men and women are equally victims of partner violence

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¬†gender symmetry in domestic violence This is six pages you can download and provide to anyone who wants to argue that men are not equally victims of domestic violence. This article has a collection of over 280 studies and domestic violence research including Statistics Canada General Social Survey on Family Violence. This article is about […]

When did men and women have the right to vote in Canada???

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One of the biggest issues I face are the comments that there are domestic violence services for women but not for men because women were denied the right to vote…. I even come across the same behaviour in equal parenting issue; because the patriarchy denied the women the right to vote the system is now […]

FoM letter to Professional Standards Branch; can we work together??

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TO: Sgt. Janvier, Professional Standard Branch, Calgary Police Service FROM: Earl Silverman[Calgary\2006 police complaint\Janvier.doc] RE: Systemic gender bias against male victims of domestic violence as demonstrated by the CPS Dear Sgt. Janvier, After our telephone conversation I started writing you a letter; presently it is 14 pages long and I am only at the beginning […]