Police: Donut-driving woman drinking too much

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Police: Donut-driving woman drinking too much

September 6, 2007


A woman stopped by police for allegedly driving in circles in the grass near the 1800 block of Watrous Avenue in Des Moines on Wednesday morning was charged with drunken driving, assault on a police officer, interference with official acts and reckless driving.

Police said Danielle Joleen Brown, 21, of Des Moines, admitted consuming alcohol and did not deny doing donuts in the grass. Officers said she was uncooperative and easily distracted, happy and laughing one moment, then mad and serious the next.

Officers said she slipped her handcuffs and had to be removed from a squad car. They claim she reached toward an officer’s groin with an open hand and tried to grab him. Brown was pushed forward by the officers and stumbled to the ground.

At the Polk County Jail she was pushed to the floor “until she calmed down,” police said. She reportedly tested three times the legal limit for alcohol.

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