Reporter provide false information on domestic violence reports

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I have the impression that reporters report facts rather than fiction; did I get your attention??

Firstly your error of stating “16,000 domestic violence related complaints to police each year in Calgary”; that is totally false and misleading information. The factual information is that there were “16,000 Domestic Related Calls for Service”; domestic related incidents include having a neighbour playing their stereo too loud after 10:00pm, next door is a junk house, they dont pick up their dogs leftovers from our yard…the reasons are very varied and numerous.

I think you get the point. Anything in the range of one’s domestic vicinity is considered domestic related incidents.

Domestic violence is totally different.


Page 19; Domestic related Calls for Service, 2007-2011; 15,917 calls

Page 20; Family Violence/Domestic Conflict, 2007-2011; 5,167 Domestic Incidents

*NOTE: Calgary Police Service is disguising or attempting to raise the incidents of domestic violence and not truly separating “domestic related incidents” and “domestic violence incidents”. As a point of reference I include the CPS stats of 2002 which is clearer in describing the separation of the two situations.

According to the 1998 CPS statistical report [this is before CPS became polluted with the misandrist gender political anti male politics] responded to more than 9,000 domestic related calls for service;

  • 25% was a repeat call
  • 60% were cleared by charges
  • 60% were personal crimes
  • 40% were property crimes
  • 30% were male victims of domestic violence initiated crimes.

2002 Annual Statistical Report Domestic Conflict

According to the CPS stats of the original 9,000 domestic related calls for service when all the other issues are removed the end result is only 814 incidents of domestic violence against women reported in 1998; it is important to translate present statics using the pre anti male propaganda now supported by CPS.

Other statistics you did not report in the flashy “staggering” unreported “news” article are;

  1. Domestic homicides declined 90%
  2. Domestic violence crimes declined 5% over last year

There are two other outstanding issues I would like to draw your attention to;

Andrea Silverstone of Calgary Domestic Violence Committee;

Calgary Domestic Violence Committee operates from a male exclusion position; no voice for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence is allowed to attend any meetings or be part of the committee. Exclusion does not make for inclusive nor is it appropriate for any so called community committee that excludes 50% of the population.


  1. Andrea supports the membership of the Calgary Humane Society to the committee but not any men’s support agency is allowed; which means dogs, cats and cows have a voice in the family violence committee but male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence does not have representation nor a voice in the committee.
  2. Melody Bundt Witwer with Peer Support for Abused Women; you forgot to mention that this is a lesbian support service that provides support service to women who are victims of female perpetrated domestic violence.
  3. WHY DID YOU NOT CONTACT ANY MEN’S ADVOCATE FOR THE INTERVIEW; ARE YOU MISANDRIST?? This was an outburst of frustration over the issue of being dismissed, ignored and devalued as a community member by not being included but excluded from your interview.
  4. Will you now interview from a male perspective?
  5. 50% of the victims of domestic violence are male; but 100% of Alberta funding goes only to woman shelters and women support groups.

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  1. Steve Coop
    August 14, 2013

    According to the Criminal Code of Canada, Section 752, it is a Serious Personal Injury Offence a) an indictable offence ii) conduct likely to inflict severe psychological damage on another person … for which the offender may be sentenced to imprisonment for 10 years or more.

    Anyone willing to try this?

    For a man or woman to lose access to our children might be considered to produce severe psychological damage. It certainly would for a woman. So will the police and courts apply that psychological damage to a man? I will discuss this with a Psychiatrist later this month.

    I have endured 10 years of emotional and psychological distress caused by denial of access by my ex-wife. And false accusations. And stress caused by the Government of Alberta MEP. And countless letters to Alison Redford, all useless.

    Perhaps another thing to consider is that all of our various efforts to write letters to Alison Redford should be compiled into one book, which should be published.

    And here is a separate little titbit. There will be no oil pipeline until after Alison Redford is gone. The oil execs do not want her to get political credit. So the PC Party must lose the woman leader before the men will agree to build the pipeline and get the economy going. We don’t want to see her get re-elected on that basis. I can’t say where I heard this bit of information.