Man freed, woman still in custody in baby abduction

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Man freed, woman still in custody in baby abduction

James Cowan , CanWest News Service; National Post

Monday, November 05, 2007

Police have freed a man arrested in the abduction of a newborn baby from a hospital in Sudbury, Ont., while his girlfriend remains in custody with a court appearance scheduled for today.

Investigators released Trevor Schram, 29, of Elliot Lake on Saturday, clearing him of all charges.

“Through investigation, police have determined that (Mr. Schram) had no involvement in the abduction of the infant from hospital,” acting Insp.Robert Keetch said in a statement.

Local reports suggest Schram was hunting when the abduction took place Thursday afternoon, but investigators were unavailable to comment on Sunday.

Meanwhile, Brenda Batisse is scheduled to appear in court today for a bail hearing.

Batisse is accused of snatching an infant from the maternity ward of the St.Joseph’s Health Centre. Investigators say a woman dressed as nurse took the child after a brief conversation with the baby’s mother. Slipping out while the mother was distracted, a suspect was photographed by security cameras carrying the child through the hospital’s corridors. Administrators say it was a member of the facility’s cleaning staff who first reported a problem, after noticing the woman was carrying the child rather than transporting it in a bassinet according to protocol.

Once the abduction was reported, hospital security locked down the building while police issued an Amber Alert, sparking a massive search that involved close to 100 officers and the blockading of all roads leading out of Sudbury. After close to a seven-hour search, the child was located at a home in Elliot Lake, more than 300 kilometres north of Sudbury.

Media reports suggest that Batisse was recently pregnant and may have suffered a miscarriage. When police arrived at her home late Thursday night, Batisse reportedly passed the child off as her own, even showing officers the suture marks on her belly from a cesarean section.

The child was flown back to Sudbury and reunited with its parents early Friday morning.

Hospital officials in Sudbury said they are reviewing their security procedures in the wake of the incident. Joe Pilon, senior vice-president of the Sudbury Regional Hospital, said that while it is difficult to make a public institution “100-per-cent secure,” the hospital will conduct an investigation.

“We are taking steps to provide extra security on the maternity unit for the assurance of patients and their families,” he said in a statement, also saying “We are mindful of the fact that our hospital is home for many. . . and we need to ensure that appropriate measures are in place.”

National Post

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