Investigator: Andrew emotionless after husband’s death

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Investigator: Andrew emotionless after husband’s death

OKLAHOMA CITY (AP) – Brenda Andrew never asked about her estranged husband and showed no emotion when she was told he had died, a police investigator testified Monday at Andrew’s murder trial.

Sgt. Roger Frost, who was one of the first officers to arrive after Andrew reported she and husband Rob Andrew had been shot, said she had no visible reaction when told her husband had died.

“She showed no emotion,” Frost said.

Brenda Andrew is charged with first-degree murder in Rob Andrew’s Nov. 20, 2001, death. Testimony was to resume Tuesday at 9 a.m.

In 911 tapes played Monday at her trial, Andrew spoke frantically and sounded like she was near hyperventilating as she reported that two masked men had shot her and Rob Andrew.

“I’ve been shot, my husband has been shot,” Andrew frantically says to a 911 attendant.

“Who shot you?” the attendant asks.

“I don’t know,” Andrew says. “They had on black masks.”

After less than three minutes, Brenda Andrew accidentally hangs up the phone, but calls back. Throughout the calls, she can be heard breathing heavily and rushing her words.

“Rob come on,” Brenda Andrew says. “He is breathing. Rob, talk to me. Rob, talk to me. He’s breathing. He’s trying to talk to me. He’s bleeding bad though. There’s blood everywhere.”

Andrew’s demeanor changed after police arrived, according to testimony Monday.

Frost said Brenda Andrew was unusually calm for someone who just had been the victim of a violent crime. And although she described the attackers, she could not remember what they had said, Frost testified.

“It was very strange,” said Frost, a 17-year police veteran. “All the crimes that I’ve worked over the years, when the suspect comes up pointing a weapon, all the victims remember what they said.”

He also recalled that Andrew asked about her children, who had been in a back bedroom,but did not ask about her husband.

“She hadn’t gone through being hysterical the way people usually are when they are victims of a crime,” Frost said. “She hadn’t asked about his welfare. Apparently they had been married for a number of years. I thought it was pretty strange that she had no concern.”

Frost said Brenda Andrew’s bullet wound caught his attention as well. A ring of gunpowder residue on her arm indicated the gun was fired at close range, but Brenda Andrew told police she was shot as she tried to run into the house to call for help, Frost said.

Prosecutors also showed jurors crime-scene photos of Rob Andrew and played 911 tapes from Oct. 26, 2001, in which he reported the brake lines on his car had been cut.

“I’d like to report a crime,” Rob Andrew said. “My brake lines have been cut. That sounds like attempted murder, don’t you think?”

In a 911 call on Nov. 2, 2001, Rob Andrew let authorities know he had taped telephone calls regarding the attempt on his life. He told investigators he believed Brenda Andrew and her lover, James Pavatt, were conspiring to kill him. He later tried to remove Brenda Andrew as the beneficiary on his $800,000 life insurance policy.

Prosecutors allege Brenda Andrew and Pavatt killed Rob Andrew to get the payout from the life insurance policy.

A jury last September convicted Pavatt of murdering Rob Andrew. Pavatt was sentenced to death.

Defense attorneys on Monday tried to show a confession letter written by Pavatt that they believe exonerates Brenda Andrew.

“This letter is not to be taken lightly, is it?” defense attorney George Miskovsky III asked the prosecution’s handwriting expert, David Parrett. “It was used andit was an integral part in the prosecution of James Pavatt.”

Prosecutors objected to Miskovsky’s question and Parrett did not answer.

Miskovsky continued: “Jim Pavatt was convicted by these prosecutors and put on death row, and he was convicted by this letter. This letter exonerates Brenda Andrew,doesn’t it?” Prosecutors objected again and Parrett did not answer.

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Convicted Killer Brenda Andrew Sentenced T Death In Murder of Husband

Thursday July 15, 2004 6:34pm

Oklahoma City (AP) – A jury has sentenced Brenda Andrew to death in the shotgun slaying of her estranged husband.

The seven-man, five-woman jury recommended the death sentence this afternoon, after convicting her on Tuesday of first-degree murder and conspiracy to commit murder.

Prosecutors contend Andrew and her lover, James Pavatt, conspired to kill her husband, Rob Andrew, to collect his 800-thousand-dollar life insurance policy.

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