How much funding did women’s shelters receive in Alberta?

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  • Governments gave Women’s Shelters in Alberta between $27mln and $44mln in 2010 – and likely much more.
  • The tax burden per Albertan was $12 for each man, women and child in 2010.
  • Each shelter visit cost $4,534 for duration of 1-33 days.
  • Critical questions need to be asked about the fiscal sanity of these operations given the outrageous cost per stay.
  • But more importantly – what are they actually accomplishing for all the funds pumped into them over the last 40 years?
  • If we listen to them DV is more of a problem than when they started.
  • Therefore they have no accomplished much.
  • Maybe we should consider something different? Anything different?

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2013 May – How Much Government Funding do Womens Shelters in Alberta recieve PDF