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  1. Davd
    August 22, 2018

    “Who can i join with” in developing men’s refuges and fraternal house-sharing generally?

    My name is Davd; i am the chief blogger on Unlike the Webmaster, i am Christian, and that influences my social design and planning efforts. So does “having suffered divorce theft”. I remember reading that Earl Silverman was buried in a Jewish cemetery; i had exchanged 2-3 messages with him shortly before his suicide.

    I would not try to repeat exactly what Earl did; i would locate “Men’s Refuge” households in much less expensive places than Calgary or Edmonton. At the other extreme within Alberta, i read two advertisements for houses in Willingdon, a hamlet north of Vegreville, one above and one below $50,000… today in this week’s Vegreville newspaper. It seems obvious there should be other hamlets and possibly villages where refuges could be established at modest cost.

    I have published the contention that men’s and women’s refuges “should be the task of the charitable sector”, not tax supported:
    I am willing to put some money and some work behind those words.

    I’m past 70, and believe i am too old to buy a house in my own individual name. If FMSS is a registered charity, or linked with one, i would contribute 1/4 to 1/3 of the price of a house under $100K, and live there for the coming winter with at least one other man, and my Husky-Labrador support dog, Fritz. Whether i live out my remaining years there, or later move on to a different fraternal household, i won’t predict. The point is, i would rather live in a fellowship household with other men (in intentional brotherhood) than alone. It is more efficient. It is more secure. And as a Christian, i believe it will be blessed on Judgment Day.

    If someone writes back responding to this message, i can write more about ways a refuge can be self-supporting. My skills include ecoforestry, building*, horticulture, editing, writing — a refuge house could also be the home of an androcentric publishing house.

    I tried corresponding with “Men’s Rights Edmonton”, since i live nearer Edmonton; they seem to have become a subsidiary of AVfM. I have begun writing to and visiting churches. Refuges ought to exist and they ought not be a subsidiary of any bureaucracy. Fraternal households ought to exist that are refuges, and others that are not. If 2% of the men in Alberta would benefit from living in a fraternal household — how many men is that?

    In solidarity,
    Davd [Martin, retired professor]
    51029 – RR 173 Ryley T0B 4A0

    (I sent a very similar email almost a week ago)

  2. Deb
    September 12, 2017

    Sorry to hear about Earl, my condolences.
    Is there anther support service Men can go to for help? Thanks

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