Gardai ‘in fear of drunken women gangs’

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Gardai ‘in fear of drunken women gangs’

By Anne Lucey

Belfast Telegraph

04 October 2004

A massive upsurge in female drunkenness in the Republic has led to gardai being more afraid of gangs of violent women than men, a top casualty doctor has claimed.

The busy accident and emergency unit at Cork University Hospital was dealing with a big increase in victims of female violence and “unrestrained hedonism”, said Dr Chris Luke.

Dr Luke, a consultant in the hospital’s emergency department, said his medical teams were dealing with young women head-butted by other women, with bitten hands that had teeth stuck in them leading to infection and amputation, and with many injuries caused by broken glass in nightclubs.

He told anational conference on alcohol and substance abuse that nightclubs need to introduce a code of practice.

Lifelong education on tackling abuse was also vital, he told the weekend conference for local authorities in Killarney.

Dr Luke spoke ofhis involvement in developing a safer clubbing policy in the UK. While clubbing could be fun, night clubs presented health hazards “on an industrial scale” for health care, he said.

He found similar problems in Cork as he had found in Liverpool in the early 1990s. The major problem was alcohol. Between 10 and 15 people needed hospital treatment each night in Cork city as a result of alcohol abuse, he said.

“There has been a massive surge in female drunkenness,” he said, estimating the increase at 60% in recent years.

Gardai were now more afraid of violent girls roaming in Cork than of gangs of boys, he said.

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