Feminist utopia, social nightmare

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Feminist utopia, social nightmare

By Carey Roberts

18 January 2005

Every era has its utopian movements that hold out the promise of social perfectability. One such movement is feminism, which claims the path to social nirvana is the liberation of women and the creation of a genderless society.

One hundred years ago, feminism claimed that equal rights under the law was its goal. Once women won the right to vote in 1920, many predicted that having achieved its objective, the women’s movement would close up shop and fade away.

But feminism did not lapse into the dust-heap of history. It merely went underground.

For 40 years, the feminist cause was sustained and nurtured by the Communist Party of the USA. This was accomplished by establishment of the CPUSA Women’s Bureau in the 1920s, and later through the creation of a front organization, the Congress of American Women.

Recognizing its Communist origins, the US Department of Justice placed the CAW on its list of subversive organizations in 1948. (Go to the CPUSA’s web page at <http://www.cpusa.org/>, and you will see how they have cleverly combined the Communist icons of the hammer and sickle to form a logo that closely resembles the radical feminist hand-mirror symbol.)

When the Civil Rights movement swept the nation in the 1960s, feminism came out of the woodwork. Although feminists still claimed to be working for gender equality, their actions would soon reveal a very different agenda.

Their true intentions became apparent in the feminist position on abortion.  In their view, the decision to keep or dispose of an unborn child was the woman’s, and only the woman’s prerogative. No mention of gender equality there.