Fed on myths, preying on men

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Fed on myths, preying on men
Barbara Kay, National Post
Published: Saturday, December 06, 2008

  http://www.national post.com/ opinion/story. html?id=1039527   

Thanks to Barbara Kay for being the only honest columnist in Canada on the issue of domestic violence. The data manipulation, lying and deceit generated by the DV (domestic violence)-industry is hard to imagine unless one knows the real data on domestic violence. Dv-industry hacks regularly cite inflationary statistics based on men’s unwillingness to report dv to police.

Men report only 1/10 as often as women for equally severe victimization. The reported data are then seized upon as evidence of women being the disproportionate victims of dv. Shelter advocates and police chiefs (notably  Murray Faulkner in London, Ontario) cite the reported statistics as though they represented reality without considering the differential reporting rates.

Real data indicates gender similarity in perpetration of dv and indicate that men to, are injured and distressed victims. That only 1% of women in a Cornwall, Ontario Hospital Emergency were there because of dv is telling. A similar study in Pennsylvania found 12% of all men in Emergency were there because of dv and Lisa Serbin’s Concordia (Montreal) study of lifespan aggression found aggressive girls in kindergarten were more likely to grow up to abuse both their male partners and their children, resulting in more child visits to Emergency .

These “reality checks” and numerous others are routinely buried by the DV industry and its advocates, including out national and provincial governments.

There has yet to be single study in Canada focusing on dv abuse of men. This shameful gap is entirely generated by gender-political distortions not by research evidence.

Dr Don Dutton
Department of Psychology
University of British Columbia