False Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Police Officer

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False Sexual Abuse Allegation Against Police Officer

In <http://youtube.com/watch?v=KgxwPU0W-Wg>this MSNBC video, a woman
who was pulled over in a routine traffic stop and given a ticket
claims the police officer sexually abused her. She does a very
convincing imitation of a victimized woman, emotionally explaining,
“He fondled my breasts…He caressed my vagina–I feel very very very

The interviewing officer indicates that the scene may have been
videotaped, and asks for her response. Striking the same pose which
in family court has cost untold numbers of fathers their
relationships with their children, she bravely insists that she’s
telling the truth. Only after the police produce the video does she
admit that she was lying.

In a second segment, a woman (with the complicity of her male
companion) accuses the police of sexually fondling her. Again, the
whole incident has been videotaped, and she lied 100%. One of the
accused officers said: “[After the false allegation] I could’ve lost my job, my house,
everything I’ve worked hard so many years for.”

I wonder how many innocent men already have?

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