Ed Stelmach invitation to visit MASH*4077

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Men’s Alternative Safe House*403-242-4077
147 Pinegrove Close NE, Calgary, AB, CA


Premier Ed Stelmach

Office of the Premier
Room 307, Legislature Building
10800 – 97th Avenue
Edmonton, Alberta
T5K 2B6

January 6, 2009

RE:     MASH*4077; your personal agreement to visit the house

Follow-up to Alison Redford, Q.C., Minister of Justice and Attorney General letter

Dear Premier Ed Stelmach,

It was your personal agreement and commitment with me to visit MASH*4077 (Men’s Alternative Safe House) in Calgary. As per your instructions the invitation was submitted to your Calgary office through Alana DeLong’s office, but it seems your Calgary office, Lea Roberts reply October 14, 2008, was unaware of your personal commitment to visit MASH*4077.

As per the letter;

a)    I do understand you have a very busy schedule, but MASH*4077 is merely 10-12 minute detour between the airport and downtown Calgary. With a 5 minute visit your decision can save children and fathers from suffering as victims of domestic violence.

b)   “I will keep your invitation on the list for consideration in the spring“,

Be advised that without community inclusion and funding MASH*4077 will close June 2009.
Additionally, for your reading pleasure, I am including a Danish article titled “Battered men jostle for space in crowded Danish shelters”. Denmark’s population is 5.4 million people and provides funding in support of 3 shelters for men in need of a haven after divorce, losing their job or fleeing abusive wives (and one wonders why more than 85% of the homeless are men on the streets?) while Alberta, with a population (April 2008) just over 3.5 million people, provides funding for just one bed for a man (if it is not in use by a woman) in Strathmore.

Obviously the need for male domestic violence shelters is valid and demonstrated by the huge demand illustrated in the Danish article.




c)    I lost my sole source of income and my job at the Calgary Stampede. Even with the huge funding contributions made by the provincial government to the Calgary Stampede more than 30 full time employees were dismissed, including me. The loss of employment means to me and MASH*4077 is I am currently living and funding the shelter from my personal line of credit; unless permanent source of funding is secured a unique opportunity for Alberta will be lost forever.

It is my understanding people become politicians for either the “power and the glory of the office” or they believe that they can really make a difference in their community. We opened MASH*4077 believing we can make a difference in our community; I believe I can make a difference to children who need to flee domestic violence, but I am personally cut off from elements of the Alberta Government (persona non grata) because I raise the issue of male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence and the topic is prohibited.

Male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence are not a priority, but women victims are a priority because men’s groups are excluded from any involvement in the family violence process while individual men seeking assistance are kept isolated believing that they are alone and only they are in the dire situation that they find themselves facing. Men’s isolation is done purposely in order to not be able to demonstrate men’s needs for specific services and to keep men’s needs off the priority list (and one wonders why more than 85% of the homeless are men on the streets?).

I believe, as you believe, one person can make a positive difference and reduce domestic and family violence if provided with the opportunity to do the job. I cannot be successful at the task if I am kept isolated, dismissed from contacting appropriate government departments for discussion and gossiped against to discredit my efforts for the purpose of eliminating any possibility for government funding.

My own MLA, Yvonne Fritz, is afraid to meet with me based on the false information she has obtained regarding me, my efforts and the organizations. Therefore, since I have no representation in the democratic process it is necessary to rely on contact directly through you. Notably, in Alberta, there is an issue of non involvement with the political process from the general population. It is my personal belief it is the civic responsibility of every citizen to be involved in the process or the democratic process fails, but I find myself banned from participation.

Voting is an important part of the formal democratic process as well as representation. The democratic system is based on the inclusion of all voices and all persons. In Alberta there is no voice for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence, the male voice, every other possible group is represented and included in the process (See CDVC Membership List) except for the exclusion of the male voice. There is no male voice present at any level of government department or at any community process; exclusion of the male voice in mandatory. The process is autocratic and not democratically expressive of the community diversity.

If 10% of the white population was likely to be infected by a virus received over $35 million for programs and 47 facilities with over 1000 beds while 7% of the non-white population likely to be infected by the same virus received no funding and no facilities that would be called racist but if 10% of women receive the funding and 7% of men do not receive funding would you call it misandy and would you do something about it?




Included with this letter is copy of the letter sent to Alison Redford, Q.C., Minister of Justice and Attorney General. The letter outlines the unmistakably persistent agenda of family violence agencies of excluding the male voice from family violence discussions as well as eliminating the possibility of acknowledging the issues faced by male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence.

Not only would it be fair to say at the heart of the objections raised regarding domestic violence services bias against men but the women’s shelters people (ACWS). community organizations and social workers who control those services, membership and programs don’t JUST deny proportionate services to men but constantly pour out anti-male propaganda diminishing the experience of male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence and eliminating the opportunity for women to receive the services they require.

Albeit the real question, which a reply would be acceptable, as a man am I deserving of domestic violence services equal to the services provided to women?

Will you, as Premier of the Provincial Government, apply pressure to those groups receiving provincial funding (FCSS, ACWS, Children’s Services, CDVC and members) who enforce a program of male exclusion to immediately provide male inclusion into the process as well as directing that appropriate funding be distributed to men’s groups that support children, families, fathers and men in domestic distress?

Yours truly,

Earl Silverman


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Premier Stelmach,

Even as the final touches to your letter were added I experienced another example of male exclusion. In reality, the included letter from Linda White clearly exemplifies the perfect example of male exclusion.

Alliance to End Violence is holding a family violence presentation. The original web site announcement expressed open to the general public, but Linda has gone out of her way to ensure that neither I nor Lyn Walline, a volunteer, can attend by inserting criteria that cannot be met. Linda has changed the criteria numerous times to make registration unobtainable.

Alliance to End Violence receives provincial funding, they also perpetrated male exclusion from the family violence discussions; does the Province of Alberta support this type of misandry?