Calgary Domestic Violence Committee

Membership List – September 2007

There are 20 seats at the CDVC table;

  • 1 representative from Older Persons
  • 1 representative from mental health
  • 1 representative from Aboriginal Communities
  • 1 representative from Faith Communities
  • 1 representative from women shelters
  • 1 representative from Research (?)
  • 2 representatives from Addictions
  • 2 representatives from Ethnocultural communities
  • 3 representatives from other domestic violence agencies
  • 3 representatives from law services
  • 2 representatives from GLBT Communities
  • 2 representatives from abusive men’s treatment

Consider this; while the GLBT national population, according to StatsCan, may be only 1.3% they are represented by 2 seats at CDVC table. Whereas men represent 49% of the national population and 7% of the male population (StatsCan 2005) in Alberta have been abused by their female partner in the past 5 years have no seats and no representation.

Male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence population in Alberta represent 5 times the total number of the total GLBT population, but have no seat at the table.

But male perpetrators of domestic violence, treatment, are represented by two seats.

The process is autocratic and not democratically expressive of the community diversity.

Can it be stated any clearer? NO MEN ALLOWED

Name Sector Agency
  1. Aggy King-Smith
Mental Health Alberta Mental Health BoardMain Floor, 1333 – 8th St SW

Calgary, AB T2R 1M6


  1. Andrea Silverstone
Chair Peer Support Services for Abused Women301, 501 – 18 Ave. SW

Calgary AB  T2S 0C7


  1. Anne mieke Aardoom
Co-representativeEthnocultural communities Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association2108 10 Street NW

Calgary, AB T2M 3M4

  1. Brenda Hill
Older Persons Kerby Centre1133-7 Ave. SW

Calgary AB  T2P 1B2


  1. Carrie Neilson
Strengthening the Spirit/ AboriginalCommunities


PO Box 2100, Stn M (8116)Calgary AB  T2P 2M5
  1. Chris Berry


Co-representativeTreatment Calgary Counselling Centre200-940 6 Avenue SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3T1

  1. Glenn Lantz
Addictions Alberta Alcohol & Drug AbuseCommission

2nd Floor, 1177 – 11th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2R 1K9

  1. Irene Sevcik
Faith Communities Program ManagerFaith Link AEV

#306, 301 14 St NW

Calgary AB, T2N 2A1

  1. Jane Oxenbury
GLBTCommunities Edan Counselling Associates206, 5920 Macleod Trail S

Calgary AB  T2H 0K2


  1. Jean Dunbar
ShelterNetwork YWCA Sheriff King2003-16th Street SE

Calgary, AB

  1. Karen Walroth
Alliance to End Violence Alliance to End Violence#306, 301 14 St NW

Calgary AB, T2N 2A1


  1. Kevin McNichol
HomeFront/Justice HomeFrontSuite 501, 620 – 7th Ave. SW

Calgary AB  T2P 0Y8

  1. Kim Turgeon
Addictions Aventa610 – 25th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2S 0L6


  1. Leslie Tutty


Research RESOLVE Alberta2500 University Dr. NW

Calgary AB  T2N 1N4


  1. Loan San
Alliance to End Violence Alliance to End Violence#306, 301 14 St NW

Calgary AB, T2N 2A1

  1. Manju Ahlawat
Co-representativeEthnocultural YWCA Sheriff King2003 – 16 Street SE

Caglary, AB

  1. Mary Lynn Dorsey
Legal Calgary Legal Guidance100, 840-7th Ave SW

Calgary, AB T2P 3G2

  1. Paul Bortel
Co-representativeTreatment Distress Centre300,1010-8th Ave SW

Calgary, AB

  1. Sgt Rosmary Hawkin,


Police/Justice Calgary Police ServiceDomestic Conflict Unit

11th flr, 133 – 6 Ave. SE

Calgary AB  T2G 4Z1

  1. Shawne Young
Probation/Justice Community Corrections and Release Programs Branch,Alberta Solicitor General

600, Dominion Centre 665-8th Street SW, Calgary AB

T2P 3K7



Can it be stated any clearer? NO MEN ALLOWED

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