Calgary Domestic Violence Collective

CDVC states they work with community partners to provide a coordinated response to violence prevention in Calgary. CDVC works to increase public awareness and education in DV prevention. CDVC ;work to help prevent DV in Calgary.

The CDVC works with community partners to provide a coordinated response to violence prevention in Calgary

Representatives include;

  • Calgary Immigrant Women’s Association;
    • there is no immigrant men’s representative
    • albeit it is important to have an immigrant women’s representative present in the discussion it is noted that there are more men who are victims of female perpetrated domestic violence there is no male representative.
  • Calgary Police Service
  • Area Women’s Shelter Network
  • Edan Counselling; Edan Counselling Associates is a private company.
  • Kerby Centre; senior citizens
  • Peer Support for Abused Women; it is believed that the focus is on female victims of female perpetrated domestic violence or put another way lesbian abuse.

While there is no disagreement that all these groups should be represented at a community family violence discussion group looking for solutions, coordinating responses and preventative programs; WHY IS THERE AND EXCLUSION OF MALE VICTIMS OF DOMESTIC VIOLENCE??

The number of male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence is twice the number of the total GLBTT population in Canada.

Yes, GLBTT are equally entitled to have a voice in the domestic violence community, BUT where is the representative for men?

Why is it that the Calgary Police Service is members of CDVC and supports CDVC when a male exclusion policy is enforced?

Is it CPS policy to exclude male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence from equal enforcement their agenda?

Another community group the CPS sat on that excluded the male voice from the discussion



The Feasibility of Creating a Family
Advocacy Centre for Calgary

The centre will integrate domestic violence, legal, and violence and abuse serving
agencies within 12 to 24 months after opening. The centre has the potential to provide education,
prevention, and training initiatives for the larger community and professionals. Having
representatives from shelters and other agencies that serve victims of domestic violence makes
sense for women who have been seriously physically abused by partners. They can utilize a
number of the services and programs already within the advocacy centre, such as videotaping
interviews and the court preparation program that supports witnesses. Further, the links and occurrence
of various forms of abuse means that if a woman were to disclose intimate partner
violence as well as sexual assault, the services would be readily available on-site. The centre
might provide space for each of the city women’s shelters outreach workers, allowing the shelter
more needed room for their in-house services.

NOTE:  Who did have input to the study;

  • Leslie Tutty, Ph.D. Academic Research Co-ordinator RESOLVE Alberta
  • Laura Cavicchi, M.S.W. Research Associate, RESOLVE Alberta
  • Kendra Nixon, M.S.W. Community Research Development Coordinator, RESOLVE Alberta

RESOLVE Research

We are committed to supporting research that leads to positive results. Our work seeks to uncover the causes of violence and map out effective strategies to prevent and alleviate that violence. With offices in Alberta, Manitoba and Saskatchewan, RESOLVE creates partnerships among service agencies, government departments and universities across the prairie provinces.

Our research areas have included:

  • Criminal Justice
  • Shelters and Counselling Services for Abused Women and Children
  • Youth Exploited Through Prostitution
  • Dating Violence
  • Childhood Sexual Abuse and Sexual Assault
  • The Abuse of Older Adults
  • Program Research and Evaluation
  • Shelter Services
  • The Treatment of Offenders
  • Supervised Visitation Programs
  • Legislation to Address Women Abuse and Children Exposed to Family Violence

 There is nothing from RESOLVE recognizing the issues faced by male [with or without children] victims of female perpetrated domestic violence; “NO MEN ALLOWED
The ONLY input on the issues of domestic violence come from a gender political feminist point of views; the views of men and the issues faced by men is not part of the discussion.
This is tax dollars going to promote misandry.



CPS Witness Statement

This is the actual copy of the back of the CPS witness statement;  every one who files a complaint with the CPS will fill in this front side of this document. This is the CPS understanding of family violence and promotes; every office who uses this form sees this propaganda.



No programs for violent women and no programs for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence; this demonstrates prejudice provided to the front line offices by the CPS management

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  1. observer48
    August 20, 2012

    I came across a survey a few years ago stating that women are perpetrators of domestic violence where men are victims in over 80% of reported cases. The legal system in Canada is definitely “hijacked” by militant feminists, mostly childless women, and so is the child protective industry.

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