A final letter from Earl Silverman

  “I am a male victim of female perpetrated domestic violence.” “For the last 20+ yearsI attempted to find support services & make the gov of Alberta aware of the lack of support services for men. I failed in both goals: nothing for me and nothing for men. Alberta failed to take my submissions serious […]

Tues July 23 – “Rescuing our Underachieveing Sons” lecture by Dr. James Brown

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Tuesday July 23@630pm at Memorial Park Branch, Calgary. Local Contact is Orlin Bojanov c(403)483-3618 – and he met with Earl a few times last year. 10 Poster 8 Cities Odyssey for Equality Tour – Dr James Brown 11 Odyssey for Equality Book Tour Press Release – jb rev

How much funding did women’s shelters receive in Alberta?

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Governments gave Women’s Shelters in Alberta between $27mln and $44mln in 2010 – and likely much more. The tax burden per Albertan was $12 for each man, women and child in 2010. Each shelter visit cost $4,534 for duration of 1-33 days. Critical questions need to be asked about the fiscal sanity of these operations given […]

Alberta put dogs, cats and cows concerns above men

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Honourable Jonathan Denis, QC #10, 8318 Fairmount Drive SE Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8 RE: Diverse Voices Family Violence Conference November 22, 2012; funded in part by Solicitor General’s office Dear Hon. Denis, While Alberta considers me to be a “threat to all women and all politicians” as well as being “frivolous, vexatious and operate in […]

Hearing the male voice…

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MASH4077 on Global

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http://videomail.shaw.ca/view/11854915012-1199154578-79857/ This is a TV news spot on the MASH4077 shelter. A guest, Gary, is interviewed and expressing the need for more services for male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence. Gary ended up living in his car and eventually in the streets because there was no support services for him, as a man.

MASH4077 is under threat of being closed; act to help!!

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ratcliffe The above PDF is a letter from the lawyer attempting to close the MASH4077, Men’s Alternative Safe House, in Calgary. I attempting to purchase the house but I can not honestly do it myself; help is needed to secure the location. This is where the MRM must show some unity and work together to […]