Baby bashed to death

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Sat, May 29,2004

Baby bashed to death


BUFFALO, N.Y.—Horrified motorists sprang from their cars yesterday to stop a woman who was repeatedly slamming her seven-month-old daughter onto a concrete sidewalk, Buffalo police said. The baby later died of massive head trauma.

Kirsten Vanderlinde, 36, who was a psychiatric outpatient, was charged with second-degree murder in the death of Melissa Vanderlinde-Berst.

Police checked on Vanderlinde twice shortly before the attack. A neighbour said she called a crisis-intervention centre two days earlier, after Vanderlinde, fearing she was a bad mother, asked her to take custody of the child.

But the neighbour, Millicent Turrentine, said she never thought Vanderlinde would hurt Melissa

Witnesses said a woman wearing a nightgown and slippers was holding the baby by her ankles yesterday morning and chanting: “Where’s my TV? Where’s my phone?”

“Where’s my peace? Where’s my nice home? Where’s my justice?”

“She was viciously swinging the baby and smashing the baby into the ground,” police Capt. Mark Morgan said.

A man ran to the woman and wrestled the baby from her arms. Police arrived and tackled Vanderlinde.




And thefact they checked on her not once, but TWICE prior to the attack?

What thehell is the matter in this world??????????

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