Let’s be clear here; Judges get their ideas on family law from the National Judicial Institute and the NJI gets their information on family law from Feminist Research Education Development Actions; fathers do no even have an even break for any success against this power structure……


The FREDA Centre for Research on Violence Against Women and Children is a joint collaboration between academics at Simon Fraser University and community and women’s organizations working at the grass-roots level. The FREDA Centre is committed to participatory action research, focused specifically on violence against women and children, and works in the interests of the community to end this violence.
Alliance of Canadian Research Centres on Violence, the Canadian Observatory on the Justice System’s Response to Intimate Partner Violence, the Ending Violence Association of British Columbia, BC Society of Transition Houses, and our National and Regional Advisory Committees.

NEW Report! Domestic Violence Program Development for Judges

The Hon. D. Martinson – National Judicial Institute April 2012 B.C. Community Consultations on Family Violence Report


Canada’s National Judicial Institute is responsible for developing education programming for Canadian Judges. It has developed, over many years, sophisticated programming, including programming on domestic violence, that has received international acclaim. It has done so at the direction of and with the support of the Canadian Judicial Council, which is the Council of all of the Chief Justices and Associate Chief Justices across the country. One of the key aspects of the National Judicial Institute’s programming is known as the three pillars approach; programming is led by judges, and informed by (1) judges, (2) academics and legal professionals, and (3) other community members.

This consultation was based on the three pillars approach and was conducted in collaboration with Dr. Catherine Murray, Chair of the Department of Gender, Sexuality and Women’s Studies at Simon Fraser University and Dr. Margaret Jackson, Director of the FREDA Centre, a centre for research on violence against women and children operated within the School of Criminology at Simon Fraser University.

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