Attorney Suspended for Lying in Her Own Divorce

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New York Lawyer

March 9,2005

Attorney Suspended for Lying in Her Own Divorce

By the Staff of the New Jersey Law Journal


Kathleen Scott Chasar, a Lawrenceville divorce lawyer, presumably would not advise any client to do what she did in her own divorce case. She just drew a three-month suspension for offering false evidence and statements.

Chasarand her secretary submitted false certifications denying her husband’s allegations that she received fee payments and paid the secretary in cash, the Disciplinary Review Board found. During cross-examination, the secretary said she lied in the certification at Chasar’s request. Chasar then admitted that her certification was false, that she had intended to mislead the court and that she paid cash to avoid paying with holdings and taxes.

The matrimonial judge referred the matter to the Office of Attorney Ethics, stating that the husband’s claim that Chasar was “fast and loose with her records” was a fair charge, the DRB said.

The state Supreme Court issued the suspension order Feb. 24. Chasar did not return a call seeking comment.

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