Alberta put dogs, cats and cows concerns above men

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Honourable Jonathan Denis, QC
#10, 8318 Fairmount Drive SE
Calgary, AB T2H 0Y8

RE: Diverse Voices Family Violence Conference November 22, 2012; funded in part by Solicitor General’s office

Dear Hon. Denis,

While Alberta considers me to be a “threat to all women and all politicians” as well as being “frivolous, vexatious and operate in bad faith”, I assure you that it is only Alberta acting as a “bully” and created abusive ad hominem personal attacks; there are no facts and only rumours and stories without sources which indomitably lead to Alberta reasons for these vicious personal attacks.

I call upon you as an Officer of the Court and a Member of the Legislative Assembly representing the people, to evaluate my argument, in part. If, perchance, you are able to provide a reasonable, logical and research proven dismissal of my argument I will withdraw any and all claims against Alberta present and in the future; as a matter of fact I will leave Alberta; what a deal!!

To demonstrate what I have been endeavouring to express to Alberta, but it has fallen on dead and dump ears;
• When we talk about military veterans we talk about both men and women of the armed forces; albeit over 80% of the veterans are men.
• When we talk about workers who died on the job we talk about both men and women who died; albeit over 90% of the workers who die are men.
• When we talk about homelessness we talk about both men and women who are homeless; albeit over 80% of homeless are men.
BUT when Alberta talks about family violence, Alberta defines family violence as violent men and victim women; albeit all dual gender domestic violence interpersonal violence {IPV} consistently demonstrate a ratio of 50% to 50%; gender symmetry exists in family violence incidents.

Statistics Canada Family Violence Survey 2011 concluded 6.4% of women and 6.0% of men were victims of their heterosexual partners’ violence, Alberta Children and Youth Services handbook on “Men abused by Women in Intimate Relationships” promotes the facts that 6% of men and 7% of women have been abused by their heterosexual partners and Martin Fiebert’s bibliography of over 280 research studies also demonstrate gender symmetry in family violence and IPV situations.

So the question remains; if most every social or acknowledgement issue experienced by both men and women, independent of the ratio of experiences, both genders are recognized as being part of the group except in family violence where the ratio has been scientifically proven by multiple studies and credited university research is 50/50; which demonstrates gender symmetry but Alberta has chosen to exclude men; the issues are dismissed, disregarded, excluded, devalued and totally ignored?????
For example; Solicitor General is involved with the organizing and funding of an upcoming family violence conference in Edmonton called 12th Annual DIVERSE VOICES FAMILY VIOLENCE CONFERENCE.
For reference; I attached a copy of the Diverse Voices Steering Committee and you can note the Solicitor General’s involvement.
For discussion and perusal; Speakers will address topics under the following themes:
“…men convicted of domestic violence”
“Animal Victims of Domestic Violence”
The theme of the conference focuses on women as victims of domestic violence and men as perpetrators of domestic violence; there are no sessions or any reference made on male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence.
BUT WORST OF ALL; domestic violence against animals will take precedence over any issue, acknowledgement or reference to 50% of the victims of domestic violence; men.
As a Minister in the Legislative Assembly how do you explain that issue to your constituents that you consider pets and livestock more important than the men who voted for you?
As an Officer of the Court how do you accept the exclusion of all, voices in a diverse voices program, this case men, groups from a discussion that is of public interest, concern and significance?
As a man I ask you; how does it feel to be rated second class below pets and livestock?

BUT YOU ARE IN LUCK, I can come to your rescue. I am of the mind that if I raise an issue of public concern as a concerned citizen then it is also my responsibility to provide a solution to that problem. The solution is I am able to speak at the Solicitor General sponsored conference on the facts and issues of male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence.
It is not too late to introduce another topic for the conference; there are three weeks in which adjustments can be made; so time is not an issue. The topic is an issue, as well as the exclusion of men, from the discussion.
Exclusion is a more serious issue than making the adjustment to include the topic.
The last time I successfully presented at conference was at Alliant International University in San Diego to an audience of more than 250 people.
As Minister you are obligated by Legislative Act to respond to a citizen concern raised to you directly.
I look forward to your reply and recommendations to resolve the exclusion factor in Alberta
Government funded family violence Conferences.

Your s truly,

Earl Silverman
Program Coordinator

Attachments; 1. Speakers will address topics under the following themes
2. Animal Victims of Domestic Violence

CC: Premier Redford
Fantasyland Hotel, West Edmonton Mall
Edmonton, Alberta
NEW DAYS- Thursday Nov. 22nd & Friday Nov. 23rd, 2012.
The 2012 Diverse Voices Family Violence planning committee is pleased to present a conference that considers the impact of Family Violence across generations and cultures.
Speakers will address topics under the following themes:
• Community Response
• Children and Youth
• Technology
• Intercultural
• Men/Women
This is the only session dedicated to men; but it pertains to “men convicted of domestic violence….
Addressing the needs of culturally diverse men convicted of domestic violence: Research and treatment evidence
Jasmine Bajwa & Audrey Stuckey
[Session E–Thursday November 22: 10:30-12:00 pm]
In general, there is limited research and interventions for the treatment of family violence offenders from culturally diverse backgrounds.
This session is dedicated to pets and livestock as victims; nowhere in any session is the discussion on male victims of female perpetrated domestic violence; their needs and the needs of violence women men are rated 2nd class to pets and livestock…
Helping Human and Animal Victims of Domestic Violence
Tim Battle
[Session F–Friday November 23: 10:30-12:00 pm]
Animals – both pets and livestock – play an unwilling role in family violence situations, as illustrated by a growing body of research. Family pets are often targets in domestic violence, and threats of violence toward an animal are often used as a means of control by an abusive family member.
2012 Diverse Voices Steering Committee
Name Agency
Lisa Stern The Family Centre
Pam Schellenberger YWCA Edmonton
Committee Members
Cecil Ali Terra Centre
Sacha Aldrich CIAFV
Chantale Brais I-TRAC
Colleen Connelly Solicitor General Victim Services
Kelly Holland REACH Edmonton Council
Meilissa Shreves Sol Gen
Scott Lister The Support Network ( Fiscal Agent)
Michelle LaRue EJHS/ FVPC
Shannon Martens McMan
Monique Methot Canadian Red Cross
Christine Mhina Sexual Assault Centre of Edmonton
Heather Morrison City of Edmonton
Ernie Pudwill Edm & Area CFSA
Sharon Schultz Catholic Social Services
Leigh Teghtmeyer Today Centre
Jeff Wilks A Safe Place
Event Planner
Cathy Harvey Cana Events Inc.