Mission Statement
To act as a advocate for change.


Society History
For more than 10 years the Family of Men has operated a telephone crisis line.


The daily averages of callers are 2 per day.


Of the 1200 callers per year (2001) 22% are from women. Of the 22% women callers approximately 25% are from mothers who’s sons are in a violent domestic situation and they are concerned not only for their son’s safety but also the safety of their grandchildren. An additional 25% are from, what I call the 2nd wives club, women who are married to a man with a vindictive 1st wife and their life is in total distress due to the situation. The remaining 50% consists of sisters, girlfriends and female friends who are concerned for a male in their life.


A typical male caller is between the ages of 24 and 54 years of age. These men are mostly working fulltime in a secure job or a part time in a seasonal job, a small percentage are homeless and without work looking for a place to live. Most likely, 62%, the men are in a relationship that is unstable or are separated/divorced. It is noted that 83% of the men with children their main concern is the fact that they are paying child support, usually 30% of their income, and are unable to see their children. These fathers want to take an active part in their children’s lives but are unable to do so. These men are usually feeling anxious or depressed and are feeling very isolated because no one is listening to their story.


Men are looking for non-judgmental people to just listen to their problems. Whether they are perpetrators, 12%, or victims of the system, 88%, they just want to have a non-judgmental person listen to them and verify that they are not the only man experiencing what they are going through.

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  1. Sandie
    May 15, 2019

    Hi there. I would like some more information on your group and how I can help out. I am the percentage of the 3rd wives club with a very loud and angry voice! I would live to learn more!

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